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This blog serves as a content platform: offering you in-depth content about topics that are trending within your scope of interest. Through closely defined concepts, we tend to differentiate our content approach so that it meets your preferred topics.

We seek to answer the questions you might be having in daily practice or in the carrying out of your profession within the infection prevention and instrument reprocessing domain.

Don’t find the answer to your specific question? Leave us a note and we will get into this straight away.

About us

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Medtradex was founded in 2004 and has since grown to become a valuable and trustworthy expert in hygiene. We offer both instruments and products to sterilize instruments and surfaces and are active in 4 sectors: the medical sector, industry, transport and public institutions.

Being an independent distributor, we constantly have our eye on the market. Thanks to many years of experience of our staff and our wide network in the sector, we have an eye for trustworthy but at the same time renewing products. By way of example, Medtradex was the first company to offer alcohol-free hand disinfection for the operation wing.

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